There are a great many myths about air purifiers. Here are a few of them being debunked before your eyes.

1) I’ll never need to dust again. This is wrong. You will still need to invest in a HEPA vacuum to take care of the dust. Air purifiers do not have this kind of power, otherwise, the opposite would happen. The fans could take care of everything. Do the math.

2) This is the saving grace for those will allergies. This is not true on many levels. An air purifier is only taking care of part of the problem. Many of you may need medicines. Some of you may need a steam cleaner. The point does not believe everything you hear about this sort of thing.

3) You will not have to bother with the housecleaning. Wrong answer, yet again. You still need to keep your apartment or house clean. Air purifiers are not an excuse to get lazy on everyday routines. Even the best air purifier for dust removal can fix the problem with allergy only if you take care of it.